Google Voice Number


Get Google Voice USA Number to make and Receive Free Calls to and From USA Canada

Get Google Voice USA Number

You Can use it to receive VERIFICATION CODES from multiple services.

G Voice Number is a service that allows us to make and receive free calling, text, and call forwarding; it uses VoIP, which will enable you to make voice calls over a standard broadband internet connection. Only a good internet connection and a microphone are all you need.

You can access it via your smartphone (the Google Voice App) or your PC / Laptop (the official website of G Voice).


  • You will Receive Your Account Through E-mail.
  • If You Have Any Problem Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us It’s A Pleasure To Serve You And Fix The Problem.

Google Voice BENEFITS :

  • You can Make Calls – (Need to recharge for that)
  • You can Answer Calls ( Free for a Lifetime No Need to load any credit )
  • You Can receive SMS ( Free for Lifetime No Need to load any credit )
  • You can Answer SMS
  • With this USA number, you can build WhatsApp, too, Free for Lifetime.


  • Your package includes one random Goo-gle Voice number (US number)
  • Fresh G-mail account
  • The login credentials for that G-mail account; e-mail + Password + recovery e-mail.

Risks to consider while buying the GV number:


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