UK Phone Number in Pakistan


Get your own UK Virtual Mobile Number in less than 3 minutes from anywhere in the world. Establish a United Kingdom presence with a Virtual Phone Number.

Miles away can still be a local call. Buy a UK tol lfree number and Connect with your customers and leads with perfect voice quality.

  • Cheap UK Calls: Our UK SIM card gives you UK calls from 1p per min when you buy a bundle plan.
  • Cheap International Calls: Make international calls from 1p per min when you buy a bundle plan
  • Always Connected: Pick up the strongest network signal wherever you are. Our UK SIM card automatically switches to the operator with the best signal
  • Go Global: Roam in over 200 countries and save up 95% on your roaming charges.
  • Free Roaming: Unlimited free incoming calls when you travel in over 118 countries.
  • Multiple Numbers:  Our UK SIM card comes with a free UK mobile number (+44) and you can add any other country number using our Virtual Number Service
  • One Size Fits All:  UK SIM card is multi-sized and will work in any SIM-free or unlocked mobile phone.
  • Pay as you go: Choose bundles or pay as you go.  This UK SIM card has no contracts.


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